How to make soft make-up

How to make soft make-up

The woman and cosmetics - concepts inseparable. As those who say that cosmetics can spoil the woman are mistaken. On the contrary, the make-up, relevant to specific time of day and event, is capable to hide shortcomings and it is favorable to emphasize the dignity of any woman. To make soft make-up for work, study, everyday life will not be required a lot of knowledge and abilities, however some secrets after all are available.

It is required to you

  • - basis under make-up
  • - powder
  • - pencil for eyebrows
  • - eye shadow
  • - pencil for eyes
  • - mascara
  • - lipstick or lip gloss


  1. To make soft make-up, you remember that its main objective is to emphasize natural beauty of the person, so, all shades of decorative cosmetics have to be as close as possible to natural. Choose shadows golden shades light brown, peach, coffee, caramel, sand and other pastel tones. Lipstick for creation of soft make-up has to be light pink, beige, light brown color. Instead of it lip gloss can be used.
  2. Put the moisturizing cream or basis under make-up on the cleaned face. Leave cream for about 20 minutes that it was absorbed in face skin, remove residues of cream with napkin. If the person has greasy luster, powder it powder which tone suits your skin color.
  3. Accurately trace the line of eyebrow pencil, comb eyebrows special brush to give them tidy and well-groomed look.
  4. Apply on upper eyelid of shadow of any shade described above, accurately shade. Trace contour of upper eyelid pencil of gray, graphite or brown color. If desired it is possible to use liquid eyeliner for century. For this purpose the thin line guide contour of upper eyelid. Be not overzealous.
  5. Make up eyelashes in one layer ink of black or brown color. If necessary (if after nakrashivaniye of eyelash have stuck together) comb them special brush. It will give to eyelashes more natural look.
  6. Apply lipstick of any of soft the shades described in the first point or cover lips with gloss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team