How to make spirits

How to make spirits

It is independently incredibly simple to make spirits. And what is interesting, olfactory handmade can be one hundred times closer to you on spirit. And on smell.

It is required to you

  • Directly essential oils of several types (the more the better)
  • Jojoba oil as the bearing substance or 90 percent alcohol
  • Water
  • Snuff pieces of paper (the usual paper cut on strips)
  • Bottles of perfume
  • Imagination and intuition


  1. For a start we will need to decide on the main note of your spirits. For this purpose it is necessary to choose simply that smell that is pleasant to you more than others. If the choice is problematic, then it is possible to address Ayurveda which claims that there are two universal oils for this purpose, for example: pink or jasmine. As well as in color scale, there are concepts of "cold" and "warm" smells. But the most important is to address own intuition which by all means will prompt something suitable.
  2. Then it is necessary to decide on basis. Jojoba oil is famous for the firmness. However it quite fat that is not always convenient. Therefore alcohol is used as the bearing substance too. Spirits on alcohol can be applied also on hair.
  3. Exist classical ratio of notes of olfactory composition: initial note, average and final which are added in the ratio 1:2:3. The final note which is added most of all (and which "sounds" more loudly) and is that main oil which we have already chosen. The second to it needs to select oil so: we dip two different pieces of paper absolutely slightly in oil, then we bring both to nose (but so that they did not touch the friend the friend). If the combination is pleasant, then we mix oils. It is desirable to write down each step because probability is high that so it will be pleasant to you your spirits that then it will want to weld the same fragrant herb. The first note is spirit also jojoba basis. Too not stiot to be obsessed with classical combinations - oils allow to clear up to imagination and at some experience allow to work wonders!
  4. So, having picked up musical fragrant chord, you have to fill in them in in advance prepared bottles and dilute the turned-out substance with the bearing basis. It is necessary to mix here in such proportion: 10 milligrams of alcohol plus about 15 drops of oil and 10 milligrams of water. If you use jojoba oil, then 10 milligrams of basis and 20 drops of other oils. When you dilute one oil with another, surely properly you mix them. The last step is to let spirits stand about one or two weeks. Later it is possible to begin to use them with pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team