How to make srubs from cellulitis independently: 3 recipes

How to make srubs from cellulitis independently: 3 recipes

When in fatty tissue the changes connected with violation of microcirculation of lymph on skin begin to happen the defect, unpleasant from the esthetic point of view, – cellulitis appears. At initial stage to get rid of "orange-peel" very easily – it is enough to modify food, to change way of life and to begin to use anti-cellulite srubs which it is easy to prepare houses.

For preparation of house srubs plain ingredients and not enough time are necessary, but the result will not keep itself waiting – skin will be tightened, will become humidified and gentle. Srub from avocado and coffee

The fruit of avocado needs to be cut in half, to take out stone, and to shift pulp in bowl. By means of fork it is necessary to turn avocado into puree. After that it is necessary to add glass of brown sugar, teaspoon of olive oil and glass of ground coffee to bowl. All ingredients need to be displaced to uniform state. The ready srub is applied on problem zones with the massing movements. In 15 minutes the srub needs to be washed away warm water.

The srub from sugar and solisolevy solution effectively fights against skin shortcomings. With sea salt it is recommended to take baths, adding essential oils, but the salt srub to which for aroma cane sugar is added possesses the best influence. In bowl it is necessary to mix glass of brown sugar, glass of sea salt and on 2 spoons of olive oil, honey and lemon juice. The massing movements the srub needs to be applied to skin for only 5-7 minutes. To improve blood circulation, it is recommended to wash away srub cool water. Srub with coffee, coconut oil and koritseypr cellulitis it is necessary to provide inflow of blood to skin. Very well cinnamon copes with this task therefore it is recommended to be used in house cosmetology. On water bath it is necessary to kindle half of glass of coconut oil. When it a little cools down, it is necessary to add to it on one glass of sugar and ground coffee. The last to srub adds cinnamon – half of tablespoon. The ready srub can long time is stored, and it is recommended to use it at least 2 times a week, applying to clean and moist skin.

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