How to make srubs of nuts

How to make srubs of nuts

Nuts serve as abrasive parts in srubs. They perfectly save skin from dead cells and at the same time will not wound it. Thanks to nut srubs your skin will become freshen also clean, will take the shining form.


1. Peel of 1 apple, 1 melon (or pumpkins), 1/2 glasses of nuts miss via the meat grinder. Mix all ingredients and lay out on gauze. Put weight for 20 minutes on face, then wash away with circular motions. Wipe face with tonic. Other option of nut srub in addition includes cream or milk (approximately tablespoon). To hold structure from the crushed apples, nuts and cream it is necessary within 10 minutes. Then to wash away the massing movements and to apply fat cream.

2. To prepare soap srub on the basis of nuts, it will be necessary for you: - the piece of children's soap rubbed on small grater; - 1 tablespoon of honey; - oil of walnut or olive oil; - warm milk; - 1 tablespoon of the walnuts crushed in the meat grinder; - 1 tablespoon of the shell of walnuts processed in the coffee grinder. Shift polished soap in small pan. Add honey, oil and warm milk, carefully mix and close cover. Leave the received basis for one hour. Then on water bath warm up soap base. When mass becomes homogeneous, add the crushed walnuts and shell. All ingredients need to be mixed and poured out well in in advance prepared soap molds. When soap stiffens, to take out pieces from forms and to dry 4 days.

3. It is also possible to use the recipe of srub on the basis of coconut. For its preparation mix 2 tablespoons of the crushed coco pulp with teaspoon of sugar and cream. Put the mixed components on face for 5-10 minutes, then rub 2-3 minutes in skin the massing movements. Wash away warm water.

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