How to make straight hair wavy

How to make straight hair wavy

Most of owners of ideally straight hair always dreamed of graceful waves on hairstyle. There's nothing to be done, ladies can want updates. Having met requirements of women, inventors have thought up many ways to change shape of hair. At the same time some manipulations it is quite possible to make houses, and more difficult actions will make to you in hairdressing salon.

It is required to you

  • - ties from rags;
  • or
  • - hair curlers;
  • - means for fixing;
  • or
  • - electronippers;
  • - hair mousse.


  1. The simplest and ancient method to turn hair into wavy are unpretentious koklyushka. For this purpose take small ties from rags, tie serially curls and to lyagta to sleep. For the morning you receive small curls, however after combing they will become both magnificent and very nice.
  2. Other way - usual hair curlers. It can be hair curlers of different types – rigid, soft, thermal. The size of curls directly depends on form and the size of hair curlers. To receive original curls to half of hair, respectively and it is necessary to wind hair not up to the end. However for more long-playing wave of hair curlers it is necessary to hold as long as possible. And all the same curls leave short-lived. For longer safety of curls apply on hair before turning means for fixing.
  3. Good and fast option of creation of curls are thermohair curlers. However they need to be used very accurately not to burn. They are warmed in water about 10 minutes. Hair on such hair curlers at once are wound until thermohair curlers have cooled down. And 15 minutes later you can already admire curls.
  4. One more popular course - use of modern electronippers. This at first sight unpretentious tool demands experience and skill. However curls turn out quickly and besides where it is necessary. By means of this tool it is possible to make only a few curls, having recovered any hairstyle. But it is the best of all to ask someone to help with hair which you do by means of nippers. It is quite difficult to manage them. In the course of house preparation of curls use special mousse which will facilitate process.
  5. It is the best of all to use the following ways with the assistance of the professional hairdresser. So the long-term wave can give opportunity to enjoy curls of 6-18 months. The modern chemical wave which is quite sparing for hair. Besides, there are different types of chemistry today. What suits you, the hairdresser will prompt.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team