How to make stylish small beard

How to make stylish small beard

Beautifully and accurately to cut beard sometimes really not easy. However the well-groomed and stylish beard always looks very sexually. Therefore it is worth making some efforts for creation of attractive men's image – afterwards all efforts will be rewarded.

It is required to you

  • Beard shampoo, mirror, the trimmer or the special machine with replaceable edge, hairbrush, small brush, shaving cream.


  1. Before beginning shaving, choose what shape of beard will suit you. If you have small growth, then you will be suited by such types of hairstyle as caret or jabot. If you of average height, then can choose any form – all hairstyles will look equally well. Tall men will suit broad beard which will be in harmony with figure proportions. Anyway, choosing hairstyle type, you remember that correctly picked up form is capable to emphasize advantages and to correct shortcomings.
  2. Wash up beard special shampoo. Then let's it dry. Comb it, having enclosed under it palm of the left hand so that all hairs on beard looked in one direction. If you are owner of rigid bristle, then before shaving it is useful to make hot compress. It will steam out face pores and will improve blood circulation. In case you have dry skin, before shaving it is possible to apply on it fat cream.
  3. By means of small brush apply soapsuds on beard – it promotes softening of skin before shaving. Then cover with foam mustache. Begin shaving with removal of bristle from cheeks and neck. Remember that the first time it is necessary to have a shave on growth of hair. After that repeat process of drawing on beard of soapsuds and walk the safety razor the second time – against growth of hair. Then cut mustache and take away hair under lower lip.
  4. Remove residues of foam by means of wet towel wipes. Apply the calming cream or the moistening compress to skin. Then refresh the person with toilet water and enjoy new hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team