How to make tattoo in Arabic

How to make tattoo in Arabic

Today the increasing popularity is gained by tattoos in the form of inscriptions. Tattoos in Arabic are the most widespread. Arabic seems mysterious, and writing - unusual and exotic.

As it is correct to be prepared for drawing the Arab inscription

Having made the decision on drawing tattoo in Arabic, the first that it is necessary to make, choose the pleasant design. On the Internet there is set of the websites where you will be able to find the inscriptions which are most often used for tattoos. Be convinced of correctness of the translation.

If you have decided to make individual tattoo, having taken as basis the principles or the motto with which you follow on life, then for its translation it is necessary to find the person who is well knowing Arabic. The Arab writing significantly differs from the European. Its main feature is that the Arab letters are written from left to right, smoothly connecting with each other. The semantic and esthetic importance of tattoo among themselves depends on correctness of writing and connection of symbols.

The next important stage is the choice of tattoo salon and the master who will put tattoo. It is better to choose the checked salons which services your friends or acquaintances used. Before drawing tattoo visit several studios, communicate to masters, study photos of their works. It will allow to estimate the general situation in salon, purity and the number of clients. The choice of the artist is, perhaps, the most important stage of preparation. The Arab ligature is considered one of types of art art. There is set of fonts, training in which requires a lot of time. From the correct length and thickness of lines and also observance of proportions of each hieroglyph the general view of tattoo depends. Having elected the master, look at its works performed in this style. Show it the drawing which you are going to put. Make sure that he understands value of inscription, correctness of its arrangement. Otherwise you risk to receive specular reflection of the drawing on skin.

The most often found tattoos

Options of tattoos in Arabic huge number. But tattoos in the form of names of favourite and close people are the most widespread. There are several correct translations of the European names into Arabic. Therefore before choosing design of tattoo, it is necessary to consult to the expert who will help to choose the most suitable option. One more widespread type of tattoos are the drawings symbolizing memorable events in human life. Such inscriptions may contain not only letters, but also the Arab figures. People apply on tattoo body for various reasons. It can be inscriptions of religious character in the form of prayers or sayings from the Bible. Some pin the standard words or phrases, the statements of wise men or popular expressions. Being going to do tattoo in Arabic, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of design and the master who awakes it to carry out. You should not accept quick decisions, will depend on correctness of your choice that you as a result receive — decoration of the body or fatal mistake.

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