How to make temporary tattoo in house conditions: for stylish

How to make temporary tattoo in house conditions: for stylish

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The beautiful, stylish and accurate tattoo attracts views and attention. But to decide to decorate the body, not many girls can, such accessory on skin will remain for the rest of life. Whether to try ideal option the tattoo will approach your style – the temporary tattoo executed by henna. And it is possible to make in house conditions, thereby having saved money and time on visit of salon.

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  1. To prepare structure for drawing temporary tattoo, it is necessary to buy special henna in the form of powder (that which dye hair, will not approach). Powder carefully mixes up with lemon juice. The turned-out weight should not be too liquid and also try that in it there were no lumps. The bowl with weight needs to be closed food wrap or any cellophane package and to allow to stand not less than 12 hours. If paste turns out too dense, it should be parted with lemon juice again and again to allow to infuse.
  2. To give to paint more dark color, it is possible to add ground coffee to mix. Obligatory component which is added right at the end – granulated sugar. It will longer help paint to keep on skin. Having decided on part of body on which the tattoo will be applied, it needs to be prepared. Get rid of hair and degrease the surface of skin alcohol or lotion.
  3. In advance choose the drawing which will be applied to skin. It is the best of all to prepare the sketch cliche which is cut out from dense film. If there is no cliche, the drawing can be applied to skin previously washing-away marker.
  4. For drawing tattoo from henna it is possible to use different methods and technicians. Perhaps, it is the most convenient to apply paint via the medical syringe without needle. For small elements use toothpicks or matches. Also, if it is required to fill large sites, use package of small opening through which the structure is squeezed out.
  5. Without removing cliche, let's the drawing dry. You remember, the longer henna dries, the more dark the tattoo turns out. Having removed cliche, accurately shake residues of the dried paint dry napkin. The fashionable tattoo is ready.
  6. That your new ornament was pleasing to the eye longer and caused envy of people around, try not to rub in the first days this site of skin with bast and also avoid direct sunshine that the drawing has not darkened.

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