How to make the correct manicure in house conditions

How to make the correct manicure in house conditions

Beautiful and well-groomed nails are indispensable attribute of the modern woman caring for the beauty. After visit of manicure salon the nails get ideal form and perfectly look. It is possible to make the correct manicure in house conditions and by own efforts, it is enough to stock up with tools necessary for this purpose.

It is required to you

  • - nippers for trimming of nails;
  • - small bowl for steaming of nails and skin;
  • - wooden pallet or stick for moving away of cuticle;
  • - scissors for manicure with the rounded edge;
  • - nippers flat-nose pliers for manicure (for removal of skin);
  • - nail file with abrasive for creation of shape of nail;
  • - soft nail file for grinding;
  • - hand scrub;
  • - oil for cuticle;
  • - hand cream;
  • - hydrogen peroxide for processing of wounds.


  1. Take tweezers for trimmings nails and nail file with abrasive and with their help give to nails desirable length and create desirable form. Remove by means of the wooden pallet or orange stick skin at the basis of nail. Apply at the nail basis cream for cuticle.
  2. Fill bowl with warm foam water. Lower in hand bowl for 15 minutes. Process the steamed-out cuticle: cut off surplus, remove leather about nail.
  3. Process nails soft nail file, having given them the final form. Apply srub to skin of hands and make massage of brushes with its help. Wash away srub. Apply nutritious cream on hands.
  4. Process the basis of nails oil for cuticle. Leave it for short time (no more than 20 minutes) and wash away.
  5. To make the correct manicure in house conditions, it is necessary to apply varnish correctly. For this purpose for at first apply basis on nails. It will strengthen interaction of varnish from nails and will in addition protect nails from harmful effects. Thanks to basis, varnish will longer keep on nails.
  6. Take varnish and carry out by brush on the center of nail one movement from below up. You apply varnish on cuticle contour, without painting over it at all. Apply varnish on side parts of nail with flat movements from below up.
  7. Surely you apply varnish in two layers as the first layer only sets the general tone, and the second adds to color depth and hides misses. In conclusion of manicure apply varnish fixer on nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team