How to make the drawing it is delicious? The main technicians for design of nails

How to make the drawing it is delicious? The main technicians for design of nails

One of attributes of the beautiful and well-groomed woman – faultless manicure. However, now it is unlikely someone will manage to be surprised with accurate marigold. Therefore to stand out from the crowd, to emphasize the identity and style, it is possible to make manicure with drawings. Such service is offered practically by all salons, but if desired it is possible to master the equipment of neyl-art independently.

To make the beautiful drawing on nails in house conditions, multi-colored nail varnishes will be necessary. And the more the better. Those who only begin to draw in collection have to have basic colors: black, white and red.

When choosing varnishes for drawing it is recommended to buy more liquid coverings as it is easier to work with them.

Also prepare:

- brushes of the different sizes; - needles and toothpicks - if desired it is possible to buy the professional tool which is called dotsa but also quite it will turn out to do without it, there are make-shifts;

- transparent covering which will protect manicure with the drawing and will keep it longer. In general, process of drawing the drawing on nails – work creative, demanding flight of fancy and is a little skill. But so drags out this process that at assiduity it is possible to learn to do just masterpieces on nails. So, first of all it is necessary to acquire what methods of drawing on nails exist. They are two: dry drawing and wet. The first equipment is that the drawing is applied on already dried varnish. It becomes as follows: the nail plate becomes covered with varnish basis. After its full drying the needle or thin brush put points which it is necessary to arrange according to the conceived drawing. Further each drop needle, toothpick or dotsy stretches in the desirable picture. Technology of wet drawing implies drawing the picture and work with yet not dried up covering. The nail plate becomes covered with the chosen basic varnish and until it has dried up, from above are placed in the necessary order of drop, and then they gather in the desirable drawing. All this needs to be made so far the covering has not stiffened.

Beginning to choose better technology of wet drawing as it is easier performed by, but at the same time very adequately looks on nails.

By means of varnish and needle it is possible to represent on nails anything. Flowers are considered as one of bases of such drawing. For creation of such beauty it is necessary to apply the main varnish on nail until it has dried, to put five droplets of other color. They will be located circle. Further it is necessary to put needle in the center of one of droplets and to slowly carry out arch down. The varnish point will have tail which aims in the center of circle. To do the same manipulations with all other drops. After that it is possible to designate flower core by bright varnish. For bigger similarity to work each petal thin needle. After the image of flower is mastered, it is worth trying to draw feathers. For this purpose the nail plate becomes covered with varnish and three ends on diagonal are put wet basis. Then through them it is necessary to draw needle thin line. By the way, placing drops in any order, changing their color and the size, it is possible to create the original drawing. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments. The above options of drawing it is delicious on nails is what is recommended to be mastered first of all. You should not raise at difficult images at once. It is better to practice on flowers, feathers, gradually adding geometrical patterns in the form of lines.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team