How to make the hair color is more dark

How to make the hair color is more dark

Women like to experiment with hair color, this process is capable to refresh appearance and to lighten the mood. Risky experiments on radical repainting are alien to those who thinks of health of the hair much. And here slightly to change their color – to make is lighter or is a little more dark, will allow to update appearance, without having damaged structure. Such measure helps to level hair color on all length, to make impression of ukhozhennost and naturalness. It is possible to make hair more darkly and the sparing folk remedies.


  1. Paint hair mix of powders of henna and basma. Depending on proportional ratio of these of the natural vegetable painting means, you can pick up different shade of dark hair. Use of basma together with henna allows to receive more permanent coloring. Such compress for hair will become also nutritious mask which will strengthen their structure will make brilliant and strong.
  2. If you want to change only slightly tone of hair, use for their rinsing after each washing of the head strong infusion of black tea. Through several procedures the result will become noticeable. It safe and useful method of coloring is used by the Indian women who are famous for beauty and health of the hair.
  3. In Russia long since dyed hair broth of oak bark. Get it in drugstore. Fill in several spoons of the crushed bark of oak with water and boil on small fire of 20 minutes. Cool broth and filter, use it for rinsing of hair after washing. Your hair will darken and will get beautiful chestnut outflow.
  4. It is possible to make hair more darkly by means of broth of natural coffee which needs to be applied to achievement of visible effect as mask within 2-3 weeks. To give to hair easy ryzhinka, add couple of teaspoons of henna to powder of coffee. You hold mask on the head several hours, then carefully wash away warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team