How to make the hair thick and beautiful

How to make the hair thick and beautiful

Thick hair was always standard of female beauty therefore it is very important to learn to look after correctly the curls and to use natural cosmetics. However conforming to only three simple rules of hair care, it is possible to make easily your hair more dense and more beautiful.


  1. Washing of hair. Before starting washing of hair, it is desirable to comb well them, using massage hairbrush or comb. Thus, you considerably improve blood circulation of head skin. Then plentifully moisten with water curls. Remember that water temperature should not exceed 36 degrees. Further it is necessary to apply necessary amount of shampoo on palm, at the same time surely having mixed it with water, and then to distribute on all length of hair. Slightly massing, rub shampoo in head skin then well wash away foam water. Do not forget about balm use, it can give to your curls healthy and attractive look.
  2. Combing of hair. If you have short hair, then it is worth beginning to comb them from roots, going to tips. In case of long hair, it is more correct to begin to comb since the ends, it is desirable at the same time collecting hair in tail, and only after to pass directly to combing of roots. It is necessary to remember that wet hair are very strongly injured therefore it is necessary to comb them only after they a little dry out.
  3. Drying of hair. For a long time to keep hair dense and beautiful, they should be dried in the natural way. But on it, unfortunately, there is not always time. And not secret what to reach the magnificent volume of hair or to lay them in hairstyle, is possible only having used the hair dryer. In this case it is possible to dry hair phenom, using thermoprotective equipment for hair. They are capable to save your locks from influence of hot air which is pernicious for health of indumentum. You should not forget also that at hair dressing phenom, it is necessary to keep it at arm's length about 15 centimeters from the head.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team