How to make the person is lighter

How to make the person is lighter

There are cases when after summer suntan the face skin became strongly dark and this color does not suit your style or way of life, is incompatible with position at work, in that case it is possible to clarify skin a little. Besides presently the light and natural tone of the person is fashionable.

It is required to you

  • - crude potatoes
  • - cucumbers
  • - tomatoes
  • - lemon juice
  • - almonds
  • - milk
  • - wheat
  • - cottage cheese
  • - honey
  • - porridge
  • - cane sugar


1. To get rid of dark complexion, it is possible to prepare mix from grated potatoes. Crude potatoes well will help to clarify face skin. For this purpose it is necessary to grate crude potatoes, to lay out on gauze and to put to suntanned sites of skin for 15-20 minutes. After the end of procedure to wash cold water. For obtaining the best result to repeat the procedure within 10 days.

2. In the same way it is possible to apply cucumbers and tomatoes. For more effective result it is possible to mix the received consistence with lemon juice.

3. Will help to make the person the crude almonds mixed with milk are lighter. For this purpose it is necessary to lower for the night 4 nuts of almonds in glass of milk. By the morning the received mix to grind and apply to skin for 15 minutes, after to wash cold water. Almonds and milk will help not only to get rid of suntan, but also to make your skin more beautiful.

4. Wheat mixed with cottage cheese will help to get rid of suntan also. But such recipe should be carried out regularly within 2 weeks.

5. For skin lightening of the person it is possible to use various cream and srubs, but at the same time they have to consist of natural and safe components. If you do not trust manufacturing firms of srubs, it can be prepared independently and in house conditions.

6. For example, quite not the difficult recipe of house srub for skin lightening of the person: honey, porridge, milk and brown cane sugar. Having mixed all ingredients and having prepared from it paste, to put it on face, it is so possible to achieve peeling of suntanned skin.

7. For beautiful complexion and light skin it is necessary to adhere to healthy food, there are more fruit and vegetables, to get enough sleep.

8. Artificially it is possible to clarify face with use of foundation and powder of light tones. Such way will make skin light quickly, but, unfortunately, demands daily use.

9. To make the person is lighter quite simply and without serious consequences. Carrying out in house conditions procedures from products known to us, it is possible to achieve everything in 10-15 days the necessary result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team