How to make the person shining

How to make the person shining

The gray skin color, pimples and irritations can indicate problems with internals and systems. It is important to check health before starting active actions for improvement of appearance. The shining face, healthy and equal skin enhance female appeal.


1. You watch food. Do not abuse fast food, sweet, greasy and spicy food. Fresh fruit and vegetables improve complexion and fill skin cells with moisture and vitamins. Drink enough clean drinking water. For healthy the woman day norm of liquid - 2 liters. Clear water is necessary to cages for maintenance of tone and elasticity. If you drink not enough water, skin will become dry and flabby, its color will worsen, it will be subject to presenilation.

2. Accept polyvitaminic complexes. The bad ecology, lack of time - on these factors face skin reacts to dream and rest, frequent overfatigue extremely sharply. To maintain health, it is necessary to enrich organism with vitamins and minerals. Accept vitamins of industrial production which contain necessary substances for maintenance of immunity and maintaining female beauty and health. To choose the vitamin complex suitable for you, consult with the doctor.

3. Be able to have a rest. The business woman has to allocate time for rest during the day. The sleep debt and overfatigue negatively affect appearance of the woman. You sleep not less than 8 hours a day. If day regimen very saturated, allocate several minutes quietly to sit or walk on foot.

4. Look after skin regularly. The face will be fresh and well rested if every weekend you look after him by means of the nutritious or restoring masks. The natural ingredients giving to skin shine: egg yolk, honey, cream and milk, camomile, banana, lemon juice, cucumber, etc. After the nutritious procedures it is possible to make light massage of the person. For improvement of skin color it is possible to wipe it with cube of ice and to allow it to dry in the natural way.

5. Buy cosmetics for washing, toning and moistening of skin from the checked producers. Buy face creams with vitamins A, C and E, natural extracts.

6. Double natural shine of the person by means of skillful make-up. Choose foundation with flickering particles, avoid heavy accents. Use peach blush and lip gloss of gentle shades. The face will look natural, healthy, beautiful and shining, and you will be sure of the beauty and irresistibility.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team