How to make the rejuvenating creams

How to make the rejuvenating creams

The rejuvenating cream is one of the main cosmetics which women use. It is possible to buy it in any shop, but there are also national recipes of production of cream in house conditions. Some of them are given below.


1. All ingredients necessary for preparation in house conditions of the rejuvenating cream, you can get in shops and drugstores. It will be necessary for the first recipe for you: honey (1 tsp), lanolin (1 tsp), almond oil (2 tablespoons) and clear hot water (2 tsps). Mix honey and lanolin. Kindle them on water bath. In this mix, without ceasing to stir slowly, add water and almond oil. When you receive homogeneous mass, the cup can be removed from water bath. Then the mixer shake up cream until it completely does not cool down.

2. The following cream will be suitable for the growing old oily skin of the person. Take liquid honey (1 tsp), not refined vegetable oil (1 tablespoon), lemons (3 pieces), hot water (1 glass), cream (2.5 tablespoons), cologne (1.5 tsps), tincture of rose-petals on alcohol (1 tablespoon). Clean lemons, crush dried peel, then fill in with hot water. Put to the dark place to infuse within 8 hours. After the fixed time filter infusion. Take ¼ glasses of infusion, add to it honey, not refined vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon of juice of lemon. Mix this mix to homogeneous mass. Add cologne, cream and tincture of rose-petals. Take the mixer and shake up cream. Place the cooled-down weight in glass jar.

3. For dry skin it is possible to prepare the rejuvenating cream with red pepper. Take red siliculose pepper of the size of nail of your little finger. Crush it, and add olive oil (2 tablespoons). Put bowl with mix on water bath. Add to oil with pepper 1 tsps of beeswax, 0.5 tsps of lanolin, 2 tablespoons of tincture of pink petals. Mix everything to homogeneous mass. Shake up the turned-out cream the mixer.

4. Each of the listed creams needs to be held in the fridge. Period of storage up to 6 months. As it is natural product, than earlier you use it, especially favorable impact will be made by the rejuvenating cream on your skin.

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