How to make tightening century in house conditions?

How to make tightening century in house conditions?

It can keep youth and openness of look without surgical intervention quite and in house conditions. Simple exercises, correctly picked up cosmetics and desire – this "company" is capable to work wonders. Also you should not forget about the vivifying force of rest.

Services of the cosmetologist pleasure not from cheap, but such procedure as tightening century, it is possible to conduct independently. Association of special exercises and cosmetics will allow to achieve bigger effect. As the crow's-feet for fun called "tail of small fish" especially are considerably shown with age, cosmetics is necessary age too. But only one eye cream will not yield desirable result.

The muscles which have lost elasticity need tone. For such support the century has also been thought up by Feysbuilding – only four exercises:

For a start it is necessary to blink strong. In such situation to remain 20 seconds, then highly to raise eyebrows as if from surprise. Again to stand for 15-20 seconds then it is possible to relax. Exercise is carried out, without opening eyes.

Now it is necessary to open widely eyes and to blink 20 times at very fast speed. In total such approaches has to be ten. The following exercise is carried out by means of hands. Fingers are located as follows: index – lay down along eyebrows from above, and big under eyebrows. Eyes are slightly covered at this time. During opening of eyes the fingers show resistance which should be overcome. The same duration – 15–20 seconds. No more than 15 times repeat. Hands participate in the final stage too. Small pillows of middle fingers are between eyebrows, and index – on external corners of eyes. Having lifted up eyes up, it is necessary to try to close eyes of 10 times with force. At the end to blink for 20 seconds and to relax.

Feysbuilding – the set of exercises aimed at the development of mimic face muscles. At regular trainings smooth and reduce wrinkles near eyes.

Except "physical education" for century, face care demands various female pleasant things in the form of quality cosmetics. About cheap gels and cream it is better to forget. They can sometimes become the cause of allergy or just will not give any effect. House means for this purpose are not worse at all. Often they are safer concerning purity of ingredients. Independently prepared masks are plain in the structures, but are not less productive, for example, the regenerating potato mask: Juice of potatoes and sauerkraut (brine) mixes up 1:1 and for giving of viscosity flour or white clay is added to mix. Everything mixes up in homogeneous mass and is applied on eyelids. Session time – 10–15 minutes. Then everything washes off not below room temperature. Century lotions from solution of strong brewing tea will help to remove swelling. The cotton pads moistened in it are imposed on eyelids. In 10 minutes the hypostases will descend. Very effective tightening mask on the basis of egg yolk: potato juice mixes up with vegetable oil and yolk. Olive oil or sesame is more preferable to preparation. Each of oils can be used as mask quite independently. On quality of result, this medicine any serum which the modern cosmetology, especially on availability and the price can offer loses.

The mask is preparing several minutes prior to drawing, should not be hotter. At emergence of unpleasant feelings the structure is immediately washed away by warm water.

As the option of the yolk mask directed to tightening century is used by mix of yolk, olive (linen) oil and lemon juice. The structure is applied to skin and 15–20 minutes are maintained. It is recommended to wash away such masks warm milk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team