How to make to itself tresh-hairstyle with short hair

How to make to itself tresh-hairstyle with short hair

Tresh-pricheski have become fashionable various subcultures in the middle of the last century. Punks, metalworkers, rockers liked to stand out from the crowd. They were succeeded Gotha, by emo and other admirers of alternative music with mysterious outlook. But sometimes, for Halloween or the fancy-dress holiday, tresh-hairstyle can decorate also the head of the person with traditional views of style.


  1. The basic rule during creation of tresh-hairstyle is not to follow the rules. Imagine image in general and begin to create. For this purpose multi-colored sprays, hairspray, gel will be necessary for laying.
  2. The first that can be made on short hair - punk mohawk. But not simple, but multi-colored. Comb hair from forehead to nape so that they stood vertically. It is possible to achieve this effect plentifully having sprinkled locks varnish. Then take color sprays for hair. Pick up them so that one or two shades of spray were combined with flowers in clothes. Draw on mohawk multi-colored strips, longitudinal or cross. Or make colourful only tips of hair. It is possible to cover mohawk with one tone, and to decorate locks over ears in different flowers.
  3. The following tresh-hairstyle - ""hedgehog"". By means of hairbrush and hairspray on all head make ""needles"". For this purpose take small locks of hair and comb them so that they stood perpendicular to the head. What will be needles more, subjects laying will be treshovy. It is also possible to use the bright color sprays which are picked up in tone to clothes details.
  4. Tresh-pricheska which will suit not too short, slightly grown hair. It is necessary to create it in advance, several hours prior to event. Moist curls are wound on small hair curlers. That curls well kept, spray each lock with varnish. Hair have to dry on hair curlers. To understand, curlies were created or not, untwist one curl. If curls strong - remove hair curlers. It is not necessary to comb hair! Just shake up hairstyle fingers and create silhouette by means of gel.
  5. Tresh-pricheska will be ideal if it is necessary to surprise people around. And here to do it, gathering for work in office, is not necessary. The management can be aware not of the recent fashion trends, and will hardly approve your style.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team