How to make toilet after New Year's holidays

How to make toilet after New Year's holidays

The New Year's holidays which are traditionally saturated with various actions, entertainments and plentiful food quite often happen tests of all organism for durability. Fatigue and overeating clearly are reflected in mirror; do not please also the figures which have changed upward on scales. How quickly to return to the usual state?


  1. At first most difficult to your digestive system, she already has managed to be tuned into reception of bigger amount of food. Therefore you will want to eat also much and nourishingly. Try to eat less than high-calorie and sweet food. Pay attention to vegetables and fruit and also fermented milk products better. For some time refuse alcohol and artificial sweet drinks. Replace them with tea, juice, and it is the best of all – mineral water. By the way, it is necessary to drink more at this time.
  2. Overcome yourself and do morning exercises, and during the day try to move more.
  3. Find time to go out of doors, to the park or the forest, run about, play with somebody snowballs, go skiing. The abundance of oxygen, sunlight and physical activity will create real miracles. You will see how the mood will improve, your skin will turn pink, eyes as from where in the tired and exhausted with food organism the cheerfulness and energy will appear will begin to shine.
  4. The condition of skin can be improved, taking contrast or cool shower. Use tonic gel and actively pound yourself towel. Morning washings by ice water will help you to fight against wrinkles and bags under eyes. Not bad the camomile broth frozen in small molds in the fridge works – wipe with it face in the mornings.
  5. Grant to skin respite at least for several days: use foundation and powder less, and it is possible, in general do without make-up. Make mask for face skin of products which there is a lot of in shops at this time – from bananas, mayonnaise, fat sour cream, orange. After such procedures your skin will freshen up. And the cooled bags of green tea or steam of circles of fresh cucumber will help your tired eyes.
  6. Skilled people claim that to return forces and appeal after winter holidays the love helps. As physicians explain, sex increase organism resilience to diseases, give physical activities necessary for it and promote normal production of hormones. As a result you receive charge of cheerfulness and good mood, get rid of depression and return the working capacity.
  7. Return to usual day regimen and especially healthy sleep will help to overcome breakdown to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team