How to make ubtan in house conditions

How to make ubtan in house conditions

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of the woman begins, as we know, with skin. Now there is no need to follow ancient knowledge, putting on face mask from egg yolks or layer thinly cut cucumbers. But nevertheless natural house means it is more useful, than chemical of shop. Such means is, for example, ubtan.

Ubtan — cosmetic powder, the guest from India. More than 50 centuries this universal remedy is used by the Indian women for achievement of beauty of skin.

Ubtan represents mix of several components having plant origin. These are various herbs, spices, flour, clay.

As a rule, ubtan contains five components, but it is possible to use more or less, depending on requirements.

Ubtan is safe, unlike soap and shower gels. The natural components which are part of mixes ubtan help to keep youth and beauty of skin, promote healing of wounds and pimples, clear skin of eels of various nature, smooth wrinkles and interfere with emergence new , etc.

For mix preparation ubtan in house conditions it is possible to choose the following components:

The mandarine peel which is part of mix ubtan will help to cope with black dots, skin inflammations, youthful urgyam. When using mandarine ubtan as soap for hands, nails become stronger. The oils which are part of mandarine dried peel have the protivovospatitelny, calming, tonic property that influences in the most salutary way condition of skin of hands, is more often than other parts of body getting under adverse effect of the external environment.

The orange dried peel cleans and tones up skin, eliminates pimples and eels, bleaches and nourishes skin.

The grapefruit dried peel effectively cleans pores, deletes the keratosic particles of skin, softens skin. And the grapefruit dried peel as a part of ubtan is especially useful to body as the substances which are contained in it are irreplaceable in fight against visible manifestations of cellulitis.

Cinnamon stimulates production of collagen with skin cells. That is, processes of regeneration and rejuvenation happen from within, so, the effect of use of cosmetics with the maintenance of cinnamon will be more long. Cinnamon not only smoothes wrinkles and increases elasticity of skin and also struggles with pimples and inflammation.

Ginger smoothes wrinkles, including in eye area, levels, tightens skin, deletes pigmental spots and improves complexion, interferes with peresushivaniye and peeling of skin, holding moisture, helps with fight against acne rash, skin inflammation.

Rice flour has the bleaching, peeling properties, ability to keep beauty and youth of skin. Also rice flour as a part of cosmetics fights against skin inflammation, cleans pores, deletes black dots and youthful eels.

Linen flour promotes regeneration of cells of skin, levels its color, removes irritation, smoothes wrinkles and heals pimples.

Cornmeal has the following useful to skin, property:

Potato starch has the properties softening, toning, regenerating and calming skin.

Corn starch has the same properties what are inherent in cornmeal.

Seaweed vakame along with other species of seaweed slow down skin aging, have the powerful rejuvenating property. Thanks to action vakame leather is purified from rashes, the skin color is leveled, pigmental spots vanish. With age features slip down at the expense of what appear so-called brylets. Vakame considerably slows down this process, keeping face form.

White clay humidifies, tones up skin, doing it soft and elastic. Approaches all-type skin, but to dry it is especially useful.

Yellow clay. Eliminates acne, peeling and irritation of skin, deeply cleans pores. Also bleaches and levels complexion.

Blue clay actively deals with the problems of teenage skin: eliminates greasy luster and black dots, normalizes work of sebaceous glands, cleans pores, removes inflammation. Besides, nourishes and protects skin from adverse effect of the external environment.

The thyme, mint, plantain, nettle and aloe are used in the dried-up look for mix preparation ubtan.

The thyme helps to improve state fat, inclined to inflammation and rashes of the skin characteristic of people at teenage age. The thyme has property to clean and narrow pores, improves microblood circulation thanks to what the complexion is leveled and improves.

The plantain does skin smooth and elastic, healing small wounds, scratches and heat-spots, nourishing and moisturizing the skin, smoothes wrinkles and bleaches skin.

The nettle is applied to improvement of condition of the problem, oily, flabby skin inclined to rashes and inflammation. Ubtan with nettle will smooth wrinkles, will increase elasticity and elasticity of skin, the greasy luster and youthful eels will reduce.

Mint will calm the angry skin, will refresh complexion.

The aloe feeds, moisturizes the skin, possesses anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, healing properties.

Traditionally mix ubtan is prepared from three - five components. Dry herbs and dry dried peel by means of mortar or the coffee grinder crush smaller in powder.

Pound dry clay in powder.

Then the chosen components mix and pour in small jar.

Ubtan is used as soap as follows. Small amount of powder ubtan is mixed with water before receiving gruel which carefully massing movements is put on face and body, then washed away warm water.

Also ubtan it is possible to use as mask. For this purpose the gruel applied to skin from ubtan is left for 5-10 minutes, then washed away warm water.

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