How to make up nails for New year

How to make up nails for New year

Female nails are one of the main parts of body which deserve close attention. Female hands are considered as standard of tenderness and beauty. Sometimes this impression is spoiled by excessive dryness of skin and insufficiently well-groomed nails. Therefore more and more attention to women should be paid to care for skin of hands and condition of nails.


1. Certainly, the French manicure, but fashion does not want to give the leading positions and here has made the bright color adjustments. Traditional white and corporal tone it is possible to replace in brighter colors which will be harmoniously combined with your image and mood. For example, it is possible to make nails in pink tones with equal violet tips or the "smiling" gold. Also the new course of fashion in classical French manicure has found application - it is underlining by white varnish not only the free basis of nail, but also "half moon" in the nail basis. Variety of color schemes (from gentle to rather impulsive) has changed the settled concept of the French manicure. This technique of decoration of nails will be suitable for girls romantic and with rich inner world. Of course, nobody cancelled classical method of the French manicure and he is not going to leave scene.

2. Salons began to do the Japanese manicure. It is medical technique of care for nails with use of nutritious pastes on the basis of waxy components and the sea plants containing extracts. When using this technique the nails within month have healthy appearance and rather well grow. The Japanese manicure is recommended to be applied at recovery procedures after removal of artificial nails. Even it can be used as alternative means on nail extension as it has necessary safety and is useful to growth of your nails. Both women, and men can do such manicure.

3. Also naturalness trends - not cut manicure at which metal tools are not used are fashionable. Nails process nutritious oils, creams, gels or milk that allows to improve condition of nails and skin around them as they have in the structure nutrients and vitamins.

4. What it is possible to tell about length of nails? Nails are fashionable short or average length. For improvement of condition of nails it is necessary to use cosmetics rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. It is necessary to add gelatin to food allowance that will promote strengthening and will give speed to growth of your nails. If gelatin is not pleasant to you, then baths from warm olive oil which it is necessary to apply at least once a week will strengthen your nails. Every other day it is necessary to do warm salt baths that will allow to saturate your nails with necessary minerals. It is possible to apply usual or sea salt.

5. Juice of lemon, cranberry, various grades of currant and bath from them favorably influence nails. If your nails have lost appeal and have turned yellow, then it is necessary to wipe them with the diluted solution of peroxide of hydrogen and lemon juice. It is daily necessary to do wiping by mix of glycerin, pergidrolya, waters and peroxides of hydrogen.

6. By New year experiment with manicure - color scale allows to do it. Try to mix different tonalities or use chameleon method that allows to imitate different color tonality of varnish at various types of lighting.

7. In fashion color trends by New year two contrasts - brightness and saturation of tones and also ease of naturalness are inherent. Especially be fashionable silvery, gold, burgundy and pink with tone nacre. And also oranzh, red, nacreous beige, blue, gray shades.

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