How to make volume on hair

How to make volume on hair

Voluminous hair always on trend. But, unfortunately, the volume of hair at roots are result of daily manipulations, and, not always productive. However and it is solvable. Unlike times of total piles, there is today set of ways to achieve volume on hair. The main thing to find the way in this variety.

Saloon volume in house conditions

Volume at roots is reached thanks to correctly picked up professional hairstyle. If there were problems with the volume of hair, first of all, it is necessary to visit the master and to ask it to make hairstyle which is simpler for stacking independently. Competent tapering works wonders therefore you should not neglect visits of salon.

Audit of laying means

The result of laying in many respects depends on quality of the chosen laying means. If to use too dense and sticky mousse for laying or to apply it much, then instead of volume the hairstyle can fall down.

Masters recommend to apply when laying on hair no more than one ball of mousse, of the size of small tangerine. All the rest – trick.

Besides, it is important to use the professional hair dryer with power not lower than 1600 W. Power of current of air is extremely important for those girls who does laying in a hurry and continually not finally dries the ends hair. In such cases whatever the received volume when laying was, it will not remain for the whole day.

To set result, it is necessary to use varnish surely. And, its extent of fixing has to be picked up taking into account features of hair. For fine hair it is necessary to use the varnishes of weak fixing remaining imperceptible on hair. Varnish of the strongest fixing – destiny of owners of hard and thick hair.

The volume of hair at roots

The radical volume of hair is created by means of the ordinary hair dryer and round clearing. It is necessary to remember that the more diameter of hairbrush, the more will turn out volume.

Small amount of mousse fixer on all length is caused on clean moist hair. Since the top, hair are hooked by round hairbrush and dried up in this situation under strong stream of the hair dryer. After hair on each side are also styled.

The similar effect can achieve also without round hairbrush if to use usual hair curlers on velcro. They need to be recorded most close to roots, and after to dry up. In this case besides volume it is possible to achieve also esthetic curls.

The volume of hair at roots without hair dryer

Recently the curling iron gaufre enjoys the increasing popularity. Only not that to which at the beginning of zero the schoolgirls did small waves, and the narrow curling iron intended only for radical volume.

It is simple in use and allows to make the radical volume of hair literally for only a few seconds. For this purpose hair divide into external layer and internal. Locks of external layer get under clip, and locks of internal are serially processed by the curling iron. It should be put, receding half-centimeter from roots and to hold, no more than 10 seconds.

After such laying the hair keep volume for the whole day and do not demand additional fixing. However with the curling iron gaufre you should not be fond. It rather strongly influences hair therefore before its use it is better instead of usual means to use thermoprotective sprays.

Long-term laying

Good way for those who are not able to afford daily rituals about phenom. This saloon procedure allows to record hair in the provision of volume at roots for a period of up to 3 months.

Certainly, it does not mean that after washing of the head the hair will be styled in ideal shock. Long-term laying forms radical basis which should be adjusted, but time for it will leave twice less. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team