How to make waist ideal

How to make waist ideal

Fat deposits on stomach and sides are observed at many women. Exercises on muscles of stomach will be done it stronger, but at the same time will not mention in necessary measure fat layer. For the solution of this esthetic problem and correction of waist it is necessary to control food and to combine it with sufficient aerobic loadings.


1. To make waist slender, it is necessary to observe the mode providing deficiency of calories – them it has to be burned much more, than it is consumed. The main thing at the same time not to overdo: if you too strongly reduce consumption of calories, the body will pass into the starvation mode. Metabolism will slow down and the organism with big reluctance will leave fat stocks. The combination of daily deficiency of calories in food and burning of calories in the course of physical exercises will be ideal option. It will help to avoid the risks connected with decrease in level of metabolism in organism.

2. Intensive walking is one of the most effective ways to get rid of fat on stomach. At fast speed 5 days a week within 30 minutes are recommended to carry out walking. Work on the racetrack can be alternative. Classical twisting is also very effective in fight for slender waist. Lying on spin, having bent legs in knees and having set foot against wall, cross hands on breast and strain press. Raise the head and shoulders, keep such situation for 3 seconds. Hang the head and shoulders, repeat exercise 10 times. Do not forget about the correct breath.

3. The return twisting, unlike usual, is aimed at the lower muscles of press. In prone position on spin bend knees and raise legs so that they were parallel to floor. Hands arrange under lower back or on each side. Now it is necessary to strain lower body and to raise it to breast. You pass into starting position slowly, observing uniform breath. Repeat exercise of 10 times. Exercise "bicycle" will help to strengthen direct belly muscle. In prone position on spin close hands behind the head. It is necessary to strain muscles of press and to raise direct legs at an angle of 45 degrees. Now tear off shoulders from rug. Bend at the same time right leg and turn upper body to the right. At the same time reach the left elbow for the right knee. Having changed the party, reach for the left knee the right elbow. At slow speed execute 15 repetitions for each leg. After small respite make 15 more repetitions.

4. Scientists from the University of Alabama in the USA, having made experiment, have drawn conclusion that the most effective way to find slender waist is to carry out set of exercises with dumbbells. Power loading accelerates metabolism and promotes strengthening of muscular system. The intensive consumption of fat at such trainings occurs locally in stomach. It is possible to correct waist also in the course of the occupations oriental dances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team