How to make white hair color

How to make white hair color

Natural blondes is born less and less. It is connected with the fact that the gene which is responsible for fair hair is recessive. As a result of it dark-haired people every day become more and more. Many women whom the nature has not endowed with blonde head of hear use the painting means for clarification of hair.


  1. If your natural hair color dark: black or dark-chestnut - before clarifying curls, well think. To turn from the brunette into the blonde very difficult, without having spoiled structure of hair. For a start curls decolour special structure. At first on 2-3 tones, then for 1-2, trying to obtain white color. It becomes in several stages with break in 2-3 weeks. At the same time it is obligatory to use the restoring balms and means for strengthening of root bulbs.
  2. Then for giving to hair of the necessary shade the painting structure is put. If the white hair color which has turned out as a result not really suits you, it can always be zatonirovat. Means for toning do not do harm to hair, but also keep not for long. Therefore color should be updated constantly.
  3. Nutbrown and fair hair can give lighter shade, without causing strong damage to health of curls. If you need to change color for 1-2 tones, then it is possible to make it by means of the painting means, without resorting to decolorization. If you want to receive white color, then it is necessary to decolour hair nevertheless. After decolorization has to pass one and a half - two weeks. Only then it is possible to apply paint. Otherwise you will spoil hair, they will become splitting and fragile.
  4. If you the natural blonde also want to refresh hairstyle, having given to hair new shade, you do not need to use the decolouring structure. Fair hair by nature thinner, and you will be able easily to recolour them in white color. To give novelty to the shape, you can try various shades of blond - ashy, nacreous, beige. The palette of modern paints leaves scope for imagination.
  5. As even the most professional and expensive tool causes damage to health of hair, the special course is necessary for the painted curls. Use the shampoos feeding roots, the balms keeping color, nutritious masks. Being in the sun, surely put on headdress. Try to avoid constant drying phenom. Accept vitamins for improvement of condition of hair. Then your curls will be soft and brilliant. And your hairstyle will be envied by any Hollywood star.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team