How to make wrapping of hair is hotter

How to make wrapping of hair is hotter

Many girls complain of problems with hair today. We so diligently aim to be in the fashion or own imaginations that we recolour the poor hair in different colors, infinitely we straighten or we twist in curls. Diets with restriction of vitamins and minerals, bad quality of water with which we wash the head the polluted air — all this goes too it is not good for hair.

They become fragile and overdried, dim, with the splitting ends and tendency to the strengthened loss. Of course, it is possible to resemble the saloon restoring procedures, but it is possible to revive the distressful curls and houses.

One of the most effective and popular ways of rehabilitation for the injured hair are wrappings. They can be cold and hot, but the last, of course, bring advantage more. Wrappings can be done for any type of hair, only structures will be different. So, for dry hair surely oils have to be part of mixes for wrappings, and for fat it is better to do without additional fat, but egg yolks and honey and also herbs and essential oils well will approach.

The basic rules for hot wrappings concern any structures. Mixes have to be warm or moderately hot, they are applied at first to head skin on hair partings (conveniently to do it by hairdresser's brush), then distributed in all surface of hair. Always the head is well wrapped up, at first with film, and then warm fabric. It is desirable to use previously heated towel. It is possible to warm up in addition the head phenom through towel. Wrappings on hair of 30-40 minutes till 2 o'clock, sometimes keep longer, it is possible even to leave them on all night long. If in structure there are no oils, hair are washed out without shampoo use, it is better to do it by grass broths or water with the lemon juice divorced in it (it is possible to add also apple cider vinegar). Here several recipes for house wrappings. For dry hair it is possible to make nutritious wrapping of teaspoon of cod-liver oil and tablespoon of castor oil (for long hair the quantity undertakes more). Warm oils are applied on the head, and washed away by mix from shampoo and egg yolk. Yolks in general are very often used in various variations. So, it is possible to make classical yolk and oil wrapping of couple of yolks and four spoons of the warmed-up sunflower or olive oil. They need to be shaken up previously well in homogeneous mass. For the weakened hair inclined to loss, the structure with onions will approach. It is necessary to mix the onions grated small, burdock oil, yolks and honey in equal parts. It is necessary to hold such wrapping not less than an hour. And for oily hair the structure with garlic will be effective. To shake up three crushed cloves with honey spoon, two yolks and three spoons of shampoo for oily hair. To apply weight on moist hair and to hold half an hour. The smell from onions and garlic is neutralized by lemon and acetic rinsings. It is better to do hot wrappings by courses, 10-20 procedures, then to try other structures as required. Except self-made house structures it is possible to use and already ready, for example, silk wrapping popular now. To make it absolutely simply, silk peptides well recover the injured hair and head skin, add gloss and live look to curls. It is only worth remembering what silk wrappings do not later than three weeks before expected coloring of hair or not earlier than in three days after it. By the way, and usual wrappings are not recommended to be done on svezheokrashenny hair or before the procedure of coloring.

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