How to mix Igora paints

How to mix Igora paints

Igora – hair-dye with very different palette which is capable to satisfy the most exacting taste. Each collection of paints contains unique scale. These are, as a rule, silvery, golden, red and black shades.


  1. Remember that Igora paints have exclusive consistence which allows to mix quickly and easily any shades. Color tables of coloring are developed on the basis of those palettes which are taken by professional hairdressers as basis. At the same time they are made so that to provide the maximum comfort when putting paint and to achieve the necessary result of coloring.
  2. Before mixing Igora paints, find out what shades you receive as a result as one color in combination with another will behave. Long ago it is known that dark hair make heavier hairstyle, do it to more massive. But such effect can be avoided with ease if you add light locks when coloring. It will give to hair favorable shade which will emphasize relief of hairstyle.
  3. If you have decided on Igora paint mixing independently, then, first of all you need to know that shades of flowers are various. Color can be warm, cold, dense, juicy, air, heavy. Paints which you want to mix can not belong to one color scale. They can be contrast, but then prepare that your hairstyle will be very original.
  4. If in your opinion the hair dyed in one color looks dullishly, then safely experiment. The locks painted in different shades of Igora paint can adequately emphasize lines of hairstyle and even to hide some shortcomings of shape of face. But you remember that here the main thing not to go too far. Keep not only sense of taste and style, but also sense of proportion.
  5. Before beginning to mix different shades of Igora do not forget that the major role at their choice is played by your natural hair color. The result of coloring will depend on it. It is necessary to feel very thinly color scale to do hair on the present stylish and interesting.
  6. Do not forget that at mixture of shades very important role is played also by length of the hair which have grown after coloring. Color of roots and tips can significantly differ. Therefore select intensity of shades of Igora according to this factor. As you can see, despite all advantages of Igora paint, mixing of its flowers and shades difficult task. Therefore if you are not too sure of the forces, trust in the professional not to feel disappointment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team