How to narrow pores

How to narrow pores

Enlarged pores and grayish complexion add excess years at once. To look after the person, keeping skin fresh and clean, it is possible make-shifts which are in house arsenal. For reduction of time the face needs to be cleaned at first, and then to carry out the procedures which are pulling together skin.

It is required to you

  • Dried pharmaceutical camomile or nettle, blanket, clay powder, milk or kefir, dry seeds of fennel, thyme, lemon, protein, green tea, coffee grinder.


1. Clean face skin. In pan add dried camomile or nettle to the boiling water. Cover pan and carry to the bathroom. Put on grid-irons. Accurately uncover that steam you has not burned. Be covered with blanket and steam out face skin over steam.

2. Make clay mask. Clay deeply cleans pores and extends any dirt therefore apply clay mask right after steam bath. Dissolve in warm water powder from clay. Add a little milk or kefir. Put mask thick layer on face. Lie down with mask of 15 minutes in the weakened state. Wash away clay and wipe face with tonic.

3. The cleaning tonic. Fill teaspoons of seeds of fennel, 1 tablespoon of dry thyme in coffee grinder 2, grind a little. Fill in dry mix ½ of glass of boiled water, add lemon juice. Let's tonic infuse, filter and put in the fridge. Wipe face in the morning and in the evening.

4. The pulling together masks. Put the mask consisting of the beaten egg white with lemon juice on face. Let's mask dry up, wash away warm water. Wipe face with fresh cucumber juice which well narrows pores. Make mask of the yeast divorced milk or warm water. Put liquid weight on face and let's dry up. The mask rejuvenates face and pulls together skin.

5. Massage face ice cubes. With circular motions you carry out by ice piece on problem zones. Do ice of infusion of camomile or from green tea with lemon juice.

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