How to narrow pores in house conditions

How to narrow pores in house conditions

Wide time - quite essential cosmetic shortcoming meeting generally at people with skin of fat type. The reason of expansion of time - excess formation of skin fat which hammers time and extends them. That in house conditions to narrow pores, it is necessary to approach problem in a complex, namely, to change the food, to use means which extend pollution and also pull together time.

The first that needs to be made is to clean face. For this purpose it is necessary to wash at first with use of skin which does not dry skin. After that by means of easy srub to massage face skin, to thereby ""remove"" superficial keratosic layer of skin.

The next stage - drawing mask which is capable to extend pollution from time. The mask on the basis of clay and activated carbon has well proved.

So, it is necessary to mix in small bowl clay teaspoon (either green, or blue) with the pulverized activated carbon and to dilute mix with warm green tea. Amount of tea - one-two tablespoons, the mass of average density as a result has to turn out. The mask for 10-12 minutes then it is washed away by cool water is put.

After the procedure of clarification it is necessary to narrow pores. Both masks, and tonics are suitable for narrowing of time. Several options of masks and tonics which can be prepared in house conditions are given below.

Lemon tonic


  • 100 ml of pure hot water;
  • teaspoon of dry flowers of camomile;
  • lemon juice teaspoon.

It is necessary to put camomile flowers in bowl, to fill in them with hot water and to wrap up heat. After water cools down - to add to it lemon juice. After that to filter mix through gauze and to pour in small bottle. It is possible to store such tonic no more than three days, and it is exclusive in the fridge.

Cucumber tonic


  • one cucumber of average size;
  • two tablespoons of juice of grapefruit.

The cucumber needs to be washed, rubbed carefully it on small grater and to squeeze out juice. To add grapefruit juice to the received juice, to mix. This tonic perfectly narrows pores and also bleaches skin, giving it special shine.

Mask from tomatoes

The similar mask very simply becomes. Tomato of the average size undertakes, it is crushed in the blender. Here also the mask is ready. It is applied to all face skin, excepting zone around eyes, and no more than 10 minutes keep. After time it is washed away by cool water. The skin after this procedure needs to be moisturized.

Proteinaceous and lemon mask


  • one protein of egg;
  • lemon juice teaspoon.

Protein and juice of lemon carefully get off, then are applied by thin layer to skin, excepting zones around eyes. Five-seven minutes keep then washes off room temperature.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team