How to narrow pores on nose

How to narrow pores on nose

Beautiful and healthy skin – dream of any woman. But, unfortunately, practically all women had to face problems of imperfection of integuments. One of such troubles are enlarged pores.


1. Enlarged pores most often disturb owners of the fat or combined skin, much less often they meet on dry. Emergence of enlarged pores is explained by development of excessive amount of skin fat which accumulates in time and forms comedones. Most often comedones are formed on nose.

2. To narrow pores on nose, it is necessary to clean them in due time. Surely wash twice a day special means which are suitable for your type of skin. Then use special tonic for narrowing of time.

3. The peeling means, such as srubs and gommages will help to narrow pores on nose also. It is necessary to use them 1-2 times a week. Consider that srubs are suitable for oily skin, and gommages - for mixed and sensitive. They are applied to previously cleaned skin, easy movements massed within 2-3 minutes then wash away.

4. It is possible to get rid of enlarged pores and by means of cleaning in salon. There are such types of saloon cleanings: ultrasonic (it is carried out by means of ultrasonic fluctuations), vacuum (the device with special vacuum nozzle is used), mechanical (it is carried out by the cosmetologist manually). For maintenance of result after cleaning surely use special skin care products.

5. Effective remedies for narrowing of time are also various masks. Pay attention to masks films and also to masks on the basis of clay. They perfectly cope with expanded house conditions. For this purpose mix 1 egg white with teaspoon of lemon juice. Put mask on face for 10 minutes, wash away cold water. Preparation of clay mask will require blue or white clay. Part it with warm water to consistence of sour cream, add several drops of lemon juice. Put on the cleaned face for 10-15 minutes then wash away warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team