How to open cosmetology office

How to open cosmetology office

Deciding to start the business, it is necessary to understand that it is better to organize. Whether the shop on tailoring, whether small studio, whether gym, or hairdressing salon. The quite good choice is the beauty shop, it is possible to organize both sunbed, and workshop on manicure and pedicure there, to render various hardware services, having bought the necessary equipment.

It is required to you

  • Seed capital, room, skilled staff, advertizing


  1. First of all it is necessary to choose the room, it has to be in sight, in the place through passage. It is in advance necessary to examine vicinities whether not too there are a lot of beauty shops in one area, to entice clients at competitors not so easily. It is necessary to learn service prices in nearby beauty shops that the nobility what to make a start from, making the price list. It is necessary to improve the room easy repair that clients, having come into office, were not frightened and did not run away.
  2. It is necessary to be engaged in search of personnel a month before opening as by the legislation to the working people it is necessary to finish some time on the former place. The personnel have to be qualified, it is better to hire the person with recommendations from the former place of work. Often the good cosmetologist has the customer base, people will go on reception from any point of the city. Consider that the personnel periodically have to take advanced training courses either at the expense of institution, or for the means. Nevertheless, it is very useful to encourage workers with periodic awards, competitors can always entice them.
  3. Decide on the provided services whether there is enough place in office for installation of sunbed. Perhaps, there will be no providing hairdresser's services superfluous. Also the specialist in care for skin and body will be necessary. Various massage is also popular. It is better to buy the equipment multipurpose that it was possible to satisfy needs of any client. Small advertizing within the area will be simply necessary, especially at first, allocate necessary funds for these needs. Cosmetic medicines need to be bought with stock that it has not turned out at the most inappropriate moment that something is missing. Surely discuss these nuances with personnel.

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