How to organize SPA in house conditions

How to organize SPA in house conditions

SPA procedures are popular around the world. Cosmetics based on sea and mineral water is considered one of the best. The balnearies functioning in resorts are in stable and even growing demand for vacationers, some go specially for the sake of SPA.

SPA as is applied to treatment enough unpleasant skin, orthopedic diseases and to remove psychological stress, to relax corporally and spiritually. In SPA procedures except mineral and sea water can use the usual water enriched with infusions of curative herbs, solutions of clays, aromatic oils.

Holding SPA session in house conditions requires free time, water, bathtub and desire to indulge itself.

The first option is quite simple. You buy salt, it is the best of all to apply curative salts of the Dead Sea and aromatic oils. You gather in bathtub of hot water and you plunge into it for about five minutes. It only for beginners. Next time it is possible to devote to relaxation 10 minutes and to bring so to 20. After bathtub - shower and massage by terry towel.

Other option – bathtub with broths of herbs. You select grass or collecting according to the taste, you make at the rate of 15-30 grams of raw materials on water liter. You pour out in bathtub and you get. It is good to add to such bathtub of coniferous extract or the branches of juniper, fir or pine made previously by boiled water. Too it is necessary to pour in the turned-out broth in water. Needles after stripping become soft therefore they will not prick, on the contrary, will serve as good massage means.

The procedure for the third option assumes the subsequent wrapping. Broth of coniferous branches has to be hot. It is possible to use mineral water for zavarivaniye. You impregnate with broth big cut of cloth (the sheet will approach). You are wrapped up with this fabric. It is necessary that it long remained warm. In the form of such cocoon it is desirable to stay hour 2-3. Then you remove wrapper and vigorously you pound skin terry towel. Such procedure improves blood circulation, promotes skin improvement, does it elastic and elastic.

Also warmings up by clay, salt, herbs belong to SPA complex. You make sack of dense fabric, you fill it with desirable structure, you heat and you put to the part of the body chosen for the procedure. The condition of skin improves, joint pain decreases, muscles relax.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team