How to overcome excessive sweating

How to overcome excessive sweating

The excessive perspiration is capable to create the mass of very unpleasant situations. And it is not important, you have this problem or at the neighbor in transport - everyone having it has to try to eliminate it. So, it is very important to know the reasons of the increased sweating. It will help to solve problem.


1. There is such rule which extends absolutely to all people. It is that it is necessary to maintain hygiene of the body. Try to wash just more often and to get rid without fail of hair in the field of axillary hollows. In summertime of year shower needs to be taken several times in day. And to shave off hair at least every other day.

2. Use antiperspirant deodorants during heat. These means in fight against the increased perspiration are most popular among the population. They have high efficiency thanks to contents in the composition of such chemical elements as zinc chloride or aluminum chloride. These substances have ability to narrow sweat glands. As a result of it sweating considerably decreases.

3. Besides, the perspiration can be caused by psychological problems, diffidence, constant stresses and also diseases of cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine systems. Also it can turn out to be consequence of overeating. Try to avoid consumption of salty, sharp, fat products. Do not accept alcohol. It is capable to increase temperature that leads to sweating. The perspiration is one of the main symptoms of diabetes. Therefore if you know for yourself such feature, then undergo comprehensive examination in any policlinic.

4. There is set of folk remedies which help to struggle with perspiration. You will need to get sage in any drugstore. Make sage leaves boiled water. Every day put such compresses to armpits. Thanks to such simple procedure the unpleasant smell of sweat will disappear. The sage can also be accepted and as usual tincture, inside. For this purpose within 30 minutes it is necessary to draw one glass of the grass which is filled in with 400 ml of boiled water. Drink such broth on 1/3 glasses three times a day.

5. Exist as well surgical ways of disposal of perspiration. The clinic can offer you, for example, introduction of Botox to area of axillary hollows.

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