How to paint black hair

How to paint black hair

The woman always wanted to be attractive, attractive to men. If her elect loves blondes, will become the blonde if the brunette is necessary, then will be brunette. There are for this purpose all opportunities today. But it is necessary to remember that regular coloring does harm to hair, so they will need treatment and additional leaving.


  1. It is the most difficult to dye dark hair in lighter of tone. Therefore experts advise before coloring and toning to get rid of black pigment, regardless of that, natural it or artificial. There are several options. It is necessary to destroy pigment at hair, it gives the chance after them to paint lighter in color. Peel the paint from hair and correct color.
  2. Loosen scaly layer of hair by means of reagents, it will help to wash away black paint, or decolour hair, it will lead to total destruction of pigment. Let's stop on safer way.
  3. The brunette in the blonde from once it is impossible to recolour. Hair after the first decolorization can become lighter, but color will be very uneven. If to clarify hydrogen peroxide, then hair can just be burned. If to use blondiruyushchy remover for hair, then they will get ryzhevato – red shade.
  4. The shade depends on that how many the red pigment contains in hair. Fair-haired - pigment have less, at red - it is already more, and the prevailing quantity of pigment at people with black hair. It is very difficult to get rid of it, but it is possible. Several sessions are just necessary.
  5. Ideally it is necessary to change color painted when grow natural hair. But this way for patient. Acceptable, but expensive option is to make acid washing of color. Unlike peroxide it is more careful from trunk of hair washes away pigment. If you want to give to hair chocolate, is dark – nut shade, do not apply remover repeatedly. In salon wash away color and week let's hair have a rest.
  6. During rest from this procedure use the tinting means which will give to hair more decent color.
  7. Then choose color one lighter or two tones, than it is necessary for you. After remover the hair absorb in themselves the painting pigments better therefore the tone will be more saturated, than you expect. When you go to salon elect the master who already did washing of black paint as the procedure this very difficult and the good expert is necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team