How to paint hair in the natural color

How to paint hair in the natural color

the numerous experiments with the hair color of the woman wish to return to them natural with which the nature has awarded. However after long time of coloring, decolorization and other radical changes your hair have stress and are in awful state. But not everything is lost, having put skill, lot of efforts and having included patience, you will return to the head of hear natural color.

It is required to you

  • - remover;
  • - hair-dye.


  1. The natural hair color completely depends on concentration of the melanin containing dyes. Production of melanin happens in hair follicle. To return natural color, it is possible to use safely remover, however, not one such procedure and structure of hair from it considerably will be required spoils.
  2. If your natural hair have light shade, and are painted in dark tone, consider that moment that the dark pigment, unlike light, remains on hair long time. Therefore in this case you should undergo at least four procedures of chemical remover between which there has to be interval in two weeks. Be ready that hair will not receive natural color, and will get yellowish shade. But nothing terrible, it was necessary only to paint them in tone which is closest to your natural color.
  3. If, on the contrary, your natural hair have dark color, and are painted in light, it will be much simpler to return natural look, than in the first case. Wait until grow roots of hair. Come to shop and define tone of your natural hair by the color map, having put the painted locks to roots. It was necessary only to pick up color of paint which to you is the most suitable.
  4. If at present color of your hair differs from natural everything on one-two tones, can use the sparing smyvochny means which do not contain peroxide of hydrogen and ammonia in the structure. Such removers can be got in specialized shops for professional hair care.
  5. Use of remover and hair-dye is frequent can lead to excessive injuries of head skin and hair. After that it is recommended to begin procedures for restoration. Use balm conditioner and masks from natural products which can be prepared in house conditions. Refuse for a while use of the hair dryer, the iron and the curling iron.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team