How to paint hair tea

How to paint hair tea

Tea can be used not only as tonic, but also in the cosmetology purposes. It perfectly is suitable for dark-haired and fair-haired girls who want to emphasize natural beauty of the hair.

It is required to you

  • - water;
  • - black tea;
  • - dried leaves of nut;
  • - white or red wine;
  • - onions peel;
  • - cellophane package;
  • - terry towel;
  • - camomile;
  • - henna.


  1. It is possible to paint hair tea in copper shade. For this purpose mix two tablespoons of nut dried leaves with the same amount of black tea, then fill in this mix with ½ liters of boiled water and you cook on small fire within twenty minutes. After insisting of broth during quarter of hour filter it.
  2. For strengthening of saturation of tone instead of leaves of nuts take onions peel. Prepare infusion: pour two hundred grams of peel of onions and two tablespoons of black tea into ½ liters of white wine (if you have dark hair, red wine is required) then you boil within twenty minutes. Apply ready broth on clean hair, cover them with package and wrap up with terry towel, and in forty minutes rinse hair.
  3. To receive chestnut shade, trouble two tablespoons of black granulated tea in boiled water halfliters then it is necessary to weary it on slow fire within twenty five minutes. Apply broth on moist hair, cover them with cellophane package and wrap up with terry towel. To receive desirable shade of brown color, hold broth on hair from fifteen to forty minutes.
  4. For receiving light shade use camomile tea. To clarify hair such paint, rinse them with camomile tea after each washing of the head.
  5. Coloring of hair can be carried out tea in combination with other components. For example, if to mix tea with henna, the shade will turn out saturated and color will long keep.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team