How to paint nails

How to paint nails

To entrust the nails to other person who is not knowing about your style and ideas not everyone can. Besides, in salon the manicure with painting costs considerable money. Trust in yourself and the imagination better. Have patience, at first it will take a lot of time, but when you accumulate experience, manicure will not take also hour.


1. It is necessary to do manicure only on well-groomed nails. That nails were strong, it is possible to apply slightly vegetable oil on their surface and to take them before formation of thin layer. Now your nails are ready to manicure.

2. Apply varnish coat on nails, wait so far it will dry up a little, and start coloring.

3. For beginners it is the best of all to use colored gel pens. They can be both simple, and nacreous, also may contain different spangles. Them it is easy to execute any combination, for example, put curls with florets, paint petals and add several droplets of spangles to the middle of inflorescence. After drying cover the drawing with transparent varnish. Very simple, but intricate picture will turn out.

4. If you are more skilled in this case, use special art paints, with thin rigid brush on the end. Them to draw much more difficult, but colors look brighter and nasyshchenny, than colors of gel pens. The simple color lines, cross arches leaving small drops will well look. And that the drawing looked accurater, it is possible to buy cliche for nails. He easily is pasted and acts. It is even possible not to use art paints, and to apply usual varnishes over cliche.

5. Very interesting compositions turn out when mixing various flowers directly on nail. There are intricate images. The equipment is simple and does not demand any knowledge and experience. It is necessary just to drip on nail several large drops, and needle to mix them in chaotic order. The vague image can be corrected black gel pen and to cover with transparent varnish. Also by needle it is possible to do drawings of one color drop. For example, parting drop contour in the parties, the accurate snowflake or asterisk will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team