How to paint over red hair

How to paint over red hair

If you have red hair color and it is not pleasant to you, then it can be corrected easily. For a start it is worth remembering when you painted hair last time, did chemical wave and other procedures. If less than three months from the moment of the last impact on hair have expired, then with painting we recommend to wait so far. Frequent chemical impact on hair can worsen their state only. Also it is worth paying attention to condition of hair. If they dry, weak and lifeless, then so far you do not paint them.

It is required to you

  • Hair-dye, shampoo


  1. For a start be defined what hair color you want to receive. It is very important that color approached under color of your eyes and also there was no strong contrast with skin color of the person. To get rid of red hair color, it is recommended to choose ashy paints of tone.
  2. Further it is necessary to decide what volume of paint needs to be used. If you have short hair, will be to buy one box enough if hair long, it is better to get two.
  3. Approximately one day before the procedure, try to apply small amount of paint to skin to define whether you have allergy to this paint.
  4. Not to soil clothes, choose that it is possible to throw from above. It is desirable to use cellophane. It is necessary to put on gloves that they were not painted hands.
  5. Well dry up hair before painting. Then apply paint on roots of hair for 15 - 20 minutes, and then distribute paint on all their length. In five minutes after that it is necessary to wash carefully the head shampoo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team