How to paint over roots

How to paint over roots

Practically all girls and women like to change hair color, including the natural color improper, ugly, inexpressive from time to time. So, the brown-haired woman turns into the blonde, ryzhenky – into the burning brunette, and hoary with age – into the red-haired beast. And everything is good, but not painted over or grown roots of hair look untidy, besides give the artificial blonde or the gray-haired lady with giblets. Meanwhile to paint over (or to tint) roots of hair when painting in house conditions not and it is difficult, it is necessary just to try very much.

It is required to you

  • - paint;
  • - gloves;
  • - hairbrush with tail;
  • - frequent comb or hairbrush with frequent teeths;
  • - brush for drawing and distribution of paint;
  • - vaseline or oil.


  1. Carry out parting in the middle on all head (better by hairbrush with tail) – from the middle of forehead to nape and further up to depression in the ground on neck. Apply with brush the prepared paint on hair on both parties of hair parting. If paint which you use is packed into tube, then squeeze out necessary amount of paint on hair parting, and distribute it by means of brush, brush or sponge also on both parties of hair parting further.
  2. Now make hair parting from the right ear to the top of the head, and the part of hair limited to hair partings from ear to the top and occipital hair parting, fix by hairpin or clip, and start painting of roots of front right part of the head.
  3. Make hair parting more to the right of the main (central) hair parting (parallel to it), plentifully apply paint and distribute it on roots in those and other parties.
  4. So, hair parting behind hair parting, you have to move from the central hair parting on the middle of the head in the direction of the right ear. At the same time the hair parting (at first from forehead, then from temple and, at last, from ear) has to reach and be painted over to the site of hair which at you is fixed by clip.
  5. Now get over on the left side from the central hair parting. Repeat all actions which you carried out on the right side. All have made also. As a result by this moment at you roots of front half of indumentum of the head have to be painted over. You pass to occipital part.
  6. The nape at you is divided into two parts, hair are fixed by clips. Remove the right clip. To the touch (well, and how differently?) you carry out by hairbrush tail vertical hair parting parallel to central and, applying with brush paint, paint over roots. Move from the central hair parting to ear.
  7. Now do the same with the left part of hair on nape, t.e remove clip, carry out by hairbrush hair parting parallel to central, apply paint and distribute it brush. Upon termination of this action all roots of hair at you have to be painted carefully over if you did ryadochka close to one another.
  8. For achievement of full effect put brush aside and, without taking off gloves, slightly massage the head with circular motions of fingers. Thus, you will provide additional distribution of paint on roots. You can finish the procedure combing of hair in the field of roots frequent comb. If you have short hair, can walk hairbrush on all length. If long, - as far as you are able.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team