How to paste bunches of eyelashes

How to paste bunches of eyelashes

and long eyelashes do look more mysterious, is more womanly and are more expressive, but not each girl by nature possesses rather magnificent eyelashes. Therefore many girls and women should resort to modern technologies of the industry of beauty to achieve mysterious and attractive look – for example, to eyelash extension. To increase eyelashes, you can go to special salon, and can try to make it independently.


  1. Independently to increase eyelashes, acquire set of separate bunches of eyelashes and special glue for their fixing. To paste on eyelashes laid on bunches not so difficult how to increase eyelashes on one hair, and you will quite cope with it in house conditions.
  2. For a start degrease and purify skin on the line of growth of eyelashes – for this purpose to wipe it with the tonic suitable for skin in eyes enough. Take thin tweezers and take the first bunch of eyelashes from packing.
  3. In advance prepare piece of tree or polyfoam, and apply on it glue droplet. Until glue has managed to dry, dip into drop bunch of eyelashes reverse side, and then accurately paste on skin between your natural eyelashes, since external corner of eye.
  4. Record bunch, having slightly pressed on its basis pasted to skin, tweezers tip. In two-three minutes take the second bunch from packing, apply one more droplet of glue on tree, and repeat the above actions, having pasted bunch in interval between eyelashes near previous.
  5. At all length of upper eyelid you will need about 25 bunches – on separate external corner of eye no more than 5 bunches will be required.
  6. Having pasted false eyelashes, follow rules of care for them – you sleep only on spin, otherwise eyelashes can be deformed about pillow. Be especially accurate during washing – do not allow water ingress and detergents on false eyelashes, do not wash them and do not wipe.
  7. If it is correct to look after eyelashes, laid on bunches can keep on your centuries up to two weeks. From time to time bunches can come unstuck and disappear, and in that case they need to be replaced new. For this purpose always you keep in readiness packing with eyelashes, glue and tweezers.
  8. It is even simpler to remove laid on bunches, than to paste them – enough to wipe the basis of eyelashes with the Q-tip moistened in the soft liquid for removal of varnish which is not containing acetone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team