How to paste nails

How to paste nails

It is very convenient to use false nails when they are necessary only for one day. If it is correct to paste them, then they to hold on about day, and sometimes longer. The more expensive are of nails, the plastic is more quality and glue is better. It is necessary to paste them as follows.

1. Make manicure. It is necessary in order that nails looked more naturally.

2. Process nails liquid for varnish removal. It will degrease nail plate and the pasted nails to hold on longer.

3. Apply small amount of glue on nail and on laid on part.

4. Accurately connect and take several seconds.

5. If glue has got on skin of hands, then just smear them with cream and wait several minutes. Then wash away and by means of wooden stick remove glue.

6. It is necessary to give the form to false nails after you have pasted them. You can reduce length, width and also to decorate them rhinestones or other drawings. It is more convenient to paint varnish already pasted nails.

7. If you have gathered for any celebration, take glue for false nails in case one disappears, it will be always possible to paste it back.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team