How to paste rhinestones

How to paste rhinestones

Rhinestones are one of the most popular ways to decorate anything – from accessories, bags, gloves, jewelry and articles of clothing to own body. Today rhinestones are used in hairstyles, in make-up, manicure. Competently using rhinestones, you can become star of any party and fix to yourself delighted looks of people around.


1. Rhinestones are glue pebbles or crystalline lenses of the different size, the invoice and color which are pasted to skin or to material. You can choose for yourself both inexpensive rhinestones, and elite – for example, the crystal Swarovski crystals.

2. Before getting rhinestones, decide for what you want to use them. For example, if you want to emphasize some part of body with refined pattern from rhinestone, you can get ready glue ornament. If you want to add several small rhinestone to make-up or manicure, get separate piece rhinestones of the necessary shade and the size.

3. Dream – think out new images which can give you such jewelry. Spreading from rhinestone small figures or inscriptions on body, you will be able to show the hobbies and addictions to people around.

4. With the help the rhinestone can be added effectively modest and strict evening dress or suit, having applied pattern from them on cut of decollete or on wrist. From rhinestone it is possible to lay out bracelet, necklace, shoulder straps of open top, and many other things. Best of all rhinestones look with air and light fabrics and also with clothes of the womanly and fitted breed.

5. Rhinestones are pasted very easily – to paste them it is correct, choose that area of body on which skin least of all is exposed to deformation. Carefully wash up the site of skin on which you will paste the prepared pattern or the drawing, clean and wipe dry.

6. Wipe skin with alcohol to degrease it. Remove rhinestones from glue basis or remove from them protective film. Accurately place the drawing on skin, be convinced of its correct and equal arrangement and for several seconds press rhinestones to body. Single rhinestones can be pasted on one, forming the necessary pattern.

7. At any time you can remove rhinestones – they stick on skin from one day to two weeks, on condition of the correct and careful care for decorated with area to skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team