How to pick up color of powder

How to pick up color of powder

Powder has appeared in the oldest times and it is not surprising, the equal complexion was always sign of female beauty. Today many women also use powder, at the same time the most important when choosing powder – it is true to pick up its color.


  1. In case you use both foundation, and powder, it will be simplest to pick up tone of the last to you. In this case it is necessary to buy powder of the same firm, as foundation, it is desirable the same color. If the manufacturing company does not produce powder, or you do not like its texture, when choosing be guided by color of foundation. So you can even come to shop, apply the habitual cream on hand and in the same place try tone of powder. The closest option on color – here right choice.
  2. Choosing powder, apply its small amount on nose bridge and look at yourself at daylight. If powder is not noticeable on skin – you have chosen right shade.
  3. When choosing tone of powder for evening make-up you can use lilac and beige shades. At the same time the first will help to refresh complexion, the second – to hide minor defects and reddenings of skin. However consider that such tone are not suitable for day make-up. Colors of powder which are better for choosing for day make-up - pink and golden.
  4. In case you select powder for evening make-up and want to look younger, you can quite choose tone which is a little lighter than natural color of your skin.
  5. Almost transparent flickering powder also perfectly will be suitable for evening make-up also. It is not necessary to select color of such powder at all, it is universal and suits both to girls with aristocratically pale skin, and to swarty ladies. However consider that when drawing it is necessary to be the accuratest, otherwise you risk to turn from the effective lady into the real laughing-stock.
  6. Not so long ago in the market there were also powders with the bronzing effect. Usually they are provided only in one universal color. At once consider that too white girls should not use such powders, they will strongly contrast with skin color of the person. And here swarty girls can buy such powder and use it without share of doubts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team