How to pick up cosmetics

How to pick up cosmetics

For optimum skin care it is necessary to approach the choice of cosmetics carefully. Especially it is important in cold season when because of influence of low temperatures and wind, skin needs intensive protection. But, before buying cosmetics, it is necessary to decide on skin type.


1. Because of different products of secretion of sebaceous glands allocate 4 types of skin - dry, fat, mixed and normal. For each of them leaving has the features which are important for considering to keep healthy type of skin and to prolong her youth.

2. For dry skin select especially nutritious cosmetics which will hold moisture in skin cells and to create it protective barrier. For clarification use milk or cream, and for food – fat cream. You put them in 1 hour prior to exit to the street and in 2 hours prior to dream.

3. Oily skin demands not less important approach to the choice of care products for it. Use cosmetics with inscription clarification and also for problem skin as frequent inflammation of channels of sebaceous glands and formation of comedones is characteristic of skin of this type. Apply alcohol-containing lotions, gels and skins to clarification, but it is obligatory with mark for oily skin. And for food – on the basis of gel or the lungs moistening cream. In spite of the fact that it has enough lubricant, on the street the protection by means of cream which forms film on skin is all the same necessary for it.

4. The mixed skin needs selection of the combined care products. In cold and wind weather use protective nutritious cream. And you put moistening in the morning and before going to bed. For washing use skins and srubs (the last no more than 1 time a week). And wipe those sites of the person on which skin is inclined to fat content with alcohol-containing lotions.

5. Normal skin meets extremely seldom and by 35-40 years usually gets other type. But that it has as long as possible kept the healthy state, use the neutral means for clarification which are not containing alcohol. Will be suitable for food any moistening cream.

6. Beauty and health of skin in many respects depends on its moistening and nutrition from within therefore drink not less than 2 liters of water a day, eat fresh fruit and vegetables. And for improvement in it of blood circulation, during putting cream do light massage of the person and regularly do any sport.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team