How to pick up hair color to complexion

How to pick up hair color to complexion

The modern woman can change the natural hair color for many reasons: to paint over gray hair, to change appearance, to receive the brightest hair color, to surprise the beloved or just to be pleasant. Today the most relevant and demanded shade of hair is light. However it is necessary to remember that not each woman can suit that color which she wishes. To pick up the most suitable hair color, it is necessary to define color of the person originally.


  1. Dark shades perfectly will suit women who have thin structure of hair and olive skin color of the person. Dark shades are considered as very economic as do not demand frequent coloring and are easy in leaving. Owners of dark shades are able to afford bright make-up which, for example, at blondes will look very vulgarly. Besides, brunettes can add to the image of sensuality by means of bright locks which color has to differ from the basic on 2 – 3 tones.
  2. Light shades will be perfectly combined with face skin of pink shade (at the same time it has to be healthy and well-groomed) and with short hairstyle. Minus of light shades is, the fact that they need regularly to be tinted. And it is undesirable to do it in house conditions.
  3. Red shades will be ideally combined with cold pinkish complexion. When choosing red color it must be kept in mind that it is rather bright and is capable to draw in itself(himself) attention. Minus of red color, fast decolorization is therefore only healthy and thick hair suits for coloring in red shades. Besides, after painting it will be necessary to select carefully make-up, especially color of lipstick.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team