How to pick up hairstyle and hairstyle

How to pick up hairstyle and hairstyle

It is possible to emphasize the identity, to hide small shortcomings of appearance by means of correctly picked up hairstyle. Therefore when choosing hairstyle it is important to consider shape of the head, features, structure and color of your hair.


  1. Define the face type. Comb all hair back, take away bang, sit down directly in front of the mirror and by means of marker or lipstick circle reflection. Allocate usually 6 shapes of face, depending on similarity to geometrical figures — oval, around, kvardaty, with triangle, rhombus and rectangle.
  2. Choose any hairstyle according to your desire if you the owner of oval face. Consider only that at high hairstyle it is necessary to allocate bang that the person did not seem extended.
  3. Give preference to hairstyles of average length, without bang, for example, to classical caret if shape of your face round. Visually it is possible to hide wide cheekbones asymmetric hairstyle or hairstyle with the high top.
  4. Soften square shape of the person by means of slanting bang, asymmetrical hairstyle. Perfectly a little wavy hair of average length which will make you will approach is more womanly. Do not comb hair back.
  5. Refuse thick bangs and smooth hairstyle with parting in the middle if you have triangular face contour. Comb hair on parting at the side, make bang rare, easy. Style hair the locks twisted inside.
  6. Distract attention from wide cheekbones at diamond-shaped shape of the head. Pick up hairstyle with the long bang which is completely closing forehead or high hairstyle with thick direct bangs. Do not remove side locks for ears.
  7. You should not choose hairstyles with parting in the middle, refuse smooth long hair at rectangular shape of the person. You will suit short, magnificent hairstyles.
  8. Consider attentively in mirror the person, define the shortcomings. Romantic womanly hairstyles with curls will perfectly emphasize soft features, and strict, smooth forms of hairstyles will suit thin women with strict face. Give preference to magnificent hairstyle if you have long nose. At small nose do hair with small curls. If you have close put eyes, raise hair up, and lay side locks along cheeks.
  9. Consider also type of hair. At fine and rare hair volume hairstyles with structural locks are preferable. Hard heavy hair is well styled in step hairstyles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team