How to pick up hairstyle on the Internet without sending SMS

How to pick up hairstyle on the Internet without sending SMS

Sometimes so there is a wish to experiment with own hairstyle! However, in case of failure the result of experiment will be quite difficult to be corrected. It is much simpler, safer and more fascinating to select new hairstyle on the Internet.

It is required to you

  • - browser;
  • - photo in the jpg format.


  1. Virtually to experiment with the hairstyle, open the page in the browser and click the Pass into Virtual Salon button. This resource gives some additional opportunities to the registered users, but to pick up hairstyle or make-up, registration is not required.
  2. Load own photo or choose one of the models which are already available on the website which, approximately, corresponds to your face type. For loading of the photo click the Load Photo button, select the suitable image on your computer and press the Open button. It will be quite good if you have photo made in that foreshortening in which do photo on documents.
  3. Specify image scale. For this purpose in the left window where the photo loaded by you is open, establish tags in the form of circles on pupils. The example of how it should be made is shown in the right window of the page. Tags can be moved by means of mouse. If necessary you can edit colors in the photo by means of the polzunkovy regulators which are under window with the preview. Click on the Further button.
  4. Point position of eyes and mouth to photos. In this window the person from your photo is provided in larger scale, here you can modify the provision of round tags on pupils. Specify by markers in the form of arrows the provision of corners of mouth. Again press the Further button.
  5. In the following window it is offered to perform tuning under make-up. For this purpose it is necessary to locate the line of inking so that she repeated eye contour. The hint as it can be done, you will see in the left window. After performance of control press the Further button.
  6. In the following window adjust contour of lips, moving anchor points of mask by means of mouse. If in the photo which you have loaded teeth are visible, check the corresponding checkbox and again press the Further button.
  7. In the following window you, at last, will be able to begin to select hairstyle. For this purpose choose men's or female hairstyle and click tab with the hairstyle type interesting you. There are tabs with long, average, short hairstyles and hairstyles with laying. Choose hair color and if it is required, color of locks under window with templates of hairstyles. When aiming mouse at example of color you can see its name. Click on template of hairstyle which you want to try on. It will appear in window with your photo. By means of the regulators located on the right side from preview window adjust hairstyle sample to dimensions of the person. At any time you can change hair color, add the painted locks or, in general, choose other hairstyle.
  8. Keep the received result. The resource gives to the registered users opportunity to keep own styles for the subsequent editing. If you have no account, you can just download the photo with new hairstyle. For this purpose press the Download Result button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team