How to pick up shape of eyebrows

How to pick up shape of eyebrows

Do you want to know how to pick up shape of the eyebrows which are ideal on face type? Then use the following recommendations. Your person considerably will change, will become more well-groomed and expressive. The correct shape of eyebrows is capable to hide shortcomings and to bring closer the person to classical ideal of beauty.

Choosing for itself suitable shape, the size and color of eyebrows, in the last turn it is worth addressing trends. Eyebrows define mimicry of the person and with ease can spoil appearance, allocate shortcomings and change geometry of the person not in favorable side. Therefore asking question how to pick up shape of eyebrows, it is worth addressing face type, and when choosing color to make a start from shade of skin and hair.

Shapes of eyebrows

Any eyebrow consists of head, body and tail. Depending on their arrangement allocate:

  • Horizontal eyebrows (there is no expressed bend, the basis of head and tail on one line);
  • The ascending eyebrows (the tail is located above the head basis);
  • The falling eyebrows (the basis of head and body are located highly, and the tail falls to temples at an acute angle);
  • Arc-shaped eyebrows (the basis of head and tail on one line, the body and tail repeat arch form).

Besides forms can differ on the chosen length and width of eyebrows.

Delimitation of eyebrows

Not all girls are lucky with eyebrows as they can not approach in form, to the size and even I blossom. To learn how to make the correct shape of eyebrows independently, the ruler is required. The basis of eyebrow has to be located on the line passing through wing of nose and internal corner of eye. Bend or the highest point of arch of eyebrow has to be on the line which is mentally laid through the center of pupil and wing of nose. The tail of eyebrow will terminate on the line connecting wing of nose and outer edge of eye.

The choice of shape of eyebrows on face type

Round face type. By means of eyebrows it is possible to try to bring closer the person to oval. For this purpose it is worth forgetting about arc-shaped and horizontal shape of eyebrows. The variant with bend and not really long tail will be optimal.

Square face type. Thanks to the correct shape of eyebrows it is possible to soften features considerably. Therefore you should not do eyebrows thin with pronounced bend. Best of all for such girls to choose wide arc-shaped form.

Oval face type. Such girls were very lucky also main thing not to spoil natural balance incorrectly picked up shape of eyebrows. Best of all on such face horizontal eyebrows with small bend look average width. If to do eyebrows too wide and dense, then features will become more severe that will lead to inevitable loss of femininity.

The extended face type. Use horizontal shape of eyebrows without bends and inclinations.

Serdtseobrazny (V-shaped, triangular) face type. Such girls need to smooth features. For what you should not choose direct form, and to stop on arc-shaped eyebrows. And rotundity has to be smooth and easy.

Diamond-shaped face type. To reduce width of the person and to soften lines it will turn out by means of the wide ascending and arc-shaped shape of eyebrows.

Even without the appeal to face type it is worth knowing that horizontal eyebrows are capable to expand it, ascending – to extend, and arc-shaped – to soften rough lines. The raised tails will give to tenderness look, widely placed eyebrows will increase eyes, and the rounded-off tail is capable to narrow face.

The nobility as it is correct to pull out eyebrows, having chosen suitable form, there is not enough. It is also important to pick up the optimum shade matching hair color and tone of skin. Blondes should choose gray and light brown palette. Black eyebrows ideally look only on east swarty women, and girls with tsvetotipy the cold winter or summer have to choose brown cold tone on tone nasyshchenny natural hair color. Brown-haired women and red can use warm chocolate palette.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team