How to pick up short hairstyle

How to pick up short hairstyle

Short hairstyles always look stylish and originally. They do not demand a lot of time for leaving and laying. Thanks to these qualities such hairstyles never get out of fashion. Very often women see model with the pleasant hairstyle and run to the hairdresser with the requirement to make the same. It is the wrong approach. The short hairstyle demands the thought-over relation: it is necessary to consider structure of hair, face type, clothes style to choose suitable.


  1. The hairstyle first of all changes human face that needs to be considered at its choice. For example, do not advise owners of squared face to cut hair shortly as wide cheekbones are excreted. But if to make bright and long bang, it is possible to distract attention from cheekbones. To women with oval face there is almost everything therefore it is possible to experiment and look for the best option in practice. Even the shortest hair will well look. For round type it is necessary to choose such hairstyle at which on each side locks are shorter, than on the top, it visually extends face. And longer nape hair will help to soften square face.
  2. It is considered that short hairstyles do not suit blondes as add age whereas brunettes look good with short-haired hair. Not always so – sometimes short fair hair, on the contrary, does it the woman younger, especially if she has slim figure. There is opinion that such hairstyles – only for women for 50. But experts claim that they allow to emphasize youth, to place emphasis on expressiveness of eyes. Consider the type of figure and shortcomings – for example, to stout women short hairstyles, as a rule, do not go. Choosing hairstyle model, you remember the advantages – open graceful neck, beautiful nape or ears, emphasize high cheekbones.
  3. Consider structure of the hair. On straight lines short carets, asymmetric, strict and exactly cut locks perfectly look, on wavy it is better to do step curls. Any short hairstyles are ideal for fine hair, and owners of thick and hard hair need to be careful. For example, not to cut them to one length, and to make graduation.
  4. To choose hairstyle independently quite difficult. It is possible to use special services for selection of hairstyles online. But it is desirable to trust in professionals. Considering the recommendations given above, pick up several pleasant options from magazines and the Internet and show to the hairdresser. The skilled master will estimate condition of hair, face type and will offer the best option.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team