How to pick up suitable foundation

How to pick up suitable foundation

Apricot, beige, colors of red wine, Styx, in liquid texture or in powder: today it is possible to buy any foundation. But nevertheless at its choice it is necessary to consider several important points, such as type of your skin and the shade which is the most suitable to you.

How to choose suitable foundation

First of all be guided by type of own skin. If it dry, then suits you liquid foundation with moisturizing components in the structure. Such means differ in the minimum content of dyes at the expense of what pigmental dyes will not accumulate in wrinkles and to emphasize them.

In case with fat type of skin to use any cosmetics it is rather problematic — because of greasy luster and also surplus of skin fat. But you should not despair. It is possible to find quality liquid foundation and for skin of this kind. As a part of similar creams there are special parts absorbing surplus of skin fat, and here various oils on the contrary are absent. Foundation for oily skin differs in more dense texture, respectively and lays down more thinly, and, above all — eliminates ugly greasy luster and dries skin.

It will be much more difficult to choose foundation if your skin of the mixed type: combination of dry skin on forehead and cheeks with fat in the field of nasolabial triangle. For masking of shortcomings of such skin you should not cover with one type of liquid foundation all face, otherwise it will become lifeless and unnaturally flat. To avoid it best of all buy two foundations at once: one suitable your skin on color, and other more dark. You put the dark basis on cheekbones and nose and matching color of your skin over it.

Foundation shade

When choosing shade of liquid foundation you should not apply it on wrist — face skin and skin on wrist different. Best of all buy several samplers and houses accurately apply foundation. It is necessary to do it by thin layer. Then attentively examine the person — it should not be painfully pale or unnaturally swarty. Select foundation shade at day lighting which provides more correct perception of color. If you have bought too dark or, on the contrary, the light liquid foundation which is not suitable you, buy one more cream of the same brand, only other shade (lighter or more dark). Then you will be able to choose without effort for yourself ideal color, just mixing several different foundations. But at the same time it is necessary to know that it is much more difficult to receive dark shade, than light. By the way, for receiving lighter shade it is possible to use the following method: mix liquid foundation and day cream in equal proportions. All this will demand, of course, certain time, but and the result will be tremendous.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team