How to pick up the natural color

How to pick up the natural color

Each woman periodically tries to change color of the hair to make appearance of brighter, to look younger and to update the image. But not to do much harm the appearance, it is necessary to pick up correctly new shade, at the same time surely considering the natural color.


  1. For the correct selection of tone of hair it is necessary to consider that the natural hair color suits many women best of all. Therefore not to do much harm, try to define correctly the type of appearance, the natural color, and already then select the pleasant shade.
  2. If you just want to recover the natural color some nuance, then remember that at look in mirror natural color of your hair is not always defined. Under the influence of chemical waves, the sun, salty water hair change, and you will find true color only in the roots.
  3. Select shade taking into account skin color and eyes. If you have pink skin, then tint hair cool tones of paint: ashy, blond, sand. If you often are confused and redden, then refuse reddish shades: garnet, mahogany, copper-colored. If you have green or brown eyes, then in color hair choose warm colors — golden or red. Blue-eyed women with white skin suit ashy cold and light golden shades more.
  4. For right choice of tone of hair most of which of all would suit you on naturalness, define the color type. So at spring women who have light eyes — blue blue, green, light skin of warm shades the chestnut hair color is natural — from light to the brown-haired person. Therefore you will suit honey hair color, golden shades of blond, chestnut and light brown shades. And here light-red avoid — it will give to your face excessive pallor. If you possess chestnut head of hear, then tint hair in chocolate or brown colors, make kolorirovaniye of separate locks.
  5. The summer color type of women with light eyes and pinkish skin with fair hair can turn into the blonde safely. But if you have deep brown eyes, then do not clarify too the hair, from it your look will become too heavy. Also do not choose saturated chestnut shades, they can age the person.
  6. Women of autumn tsvetotip have more saturated palette in color of hair. Safely use paints of dark shades — chestnut, chocolate, brown, black. You will also suit red colors and golden. And here when using blonde tones your skin will accept unnatural dark color.
  7. Representatives of winter are suited chestnut-colored ashy tone and also black. But avoid light and golden shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team