How to pose for the camera

How to pose for the camera

Professional models for years learn to pose correctly for photos, but it can learn well to leave in pictures to everyone. Just it is necessary to study the features that then by means of favorable foreshortening to emphasize advantages, to hide shortcomings.


  1. During shooting do not strain and do not strike inconvenient, unnatural poses. Try to relax. Do not get up opposite to sunlight or bright artificial lighting. It will force you to squint, and eyes will seem small, and the ugly look is capable to spoil all shot whatever successful was your pose. Experiment houses in front of mirrors of the different size and choose the foreshortening which is most suiting you. The face of the same person can have various appearance at different turns of the head. Work over mimicry. Show the most favorable lines of the appearance, but be not overzealous in it. The result should not be defiant and vulgar. Poses for the picture have to be a little negligent and weakened.
  2. You remember, the closer you are to the camera, the more largely will look in the photo. If you want that your hips on photo looked fuller, you will expose leg forward, bringing closer it to the camera. This reception is applicable to all parts of body which you wish to make visually more. If you have to reduce some parts of the body, deviate a little back or be photographed half-turned. The pose sideways at which the leg, closest to the camera, is slightly bent and exposed forward will favourably emphasize length and beauty of legs. Always you watch closely bearing. The back has to be straight line, shoulders are lowered, and the neck should not look short. Elbows and knees should not be sent precisely to the camera, from it hands and legs seem short and disproportionate. Develop legs slightly aside, and you hold hands a little bent.
  3. You watch position of hands. They should not be too weakened or strained. It is the best of all to take away them for the head, to touch face or body, to take the subject suitable to photoshoot subject. If shooting takes place in the movement, feel it is weakened and easy. For a while fade in free pose that the photographer managed to catch successful personnel. Before photoshoot surely make make-up and manicure, pick up comfortable clothes which will not constrain your movements.
  4. Do not stiffen on one place. If the photographer does not demand static character in shot, move, show the beauty and elegance. Many photographers consider that success of photoshoot in many respects depends on how the person feels as far as to it it is comfortable. It is not necessary to hide the mood and to behave somehow unnaturally, it will be reflected in the picture not to the best.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team